Welcome to the english version of the knittingspin blog.

I look at myself as a kind of artist. I`m a handspinner and knitdesigner from a small mountain willage in the middle of Norway. I`m also the owner of the yarnshop: www.knitting.no which you are welcome to visit anytime you like. I do beleave in knitting as theraphy and mean honestly that knitting energy make the world better and people happier.Sometimes I fantasize about a super body with the following characteristics:

Stomach with camel domes, so  you didn`t  have to spend so much time cooking and eating and dishing! Octopus Arms, at least 20 pieces, then you could set all the different arms started with several projects simultaneously!
Antelope legs, so you could bounce around the blazing speed and get away from all-the-doing-things and time-consuming errands in a hurry!
Tiger Eyes: so one could see, even in the dark and knit the most complex pattern in the dark autumn nights with no flood lighting in the living room.
Elephant Ears, so you could hear all the sounds and always managed to be on hand to prevent various larger or smaller disasters at home or at work, while you might even be able to take in more things same time and listen to one while concentrating on the other.
Last, but not least, I would need:
Chickensleep, then you could do everything you would and should, only needed a little nap once in a while.

Some of my patterns are made for free.

I write my blog in norwegian and you can try the google translate if you don`t understand my language. Some of the pattern I still try to translate, but my english is necesserely not perfect. Hopefully you can understand it although.

If you use a pattern of mine, please state the knittingspinadress as follows:


You can not make a copy and give away

You can not make a copy for sale

You can not knit my patterns and sell the products as your own

You are welcome to knit  anytime you like

and let others know about  the Strikkespinn Blog.

You are also welcome to make a comment if you want.

All the best knitwishes in the hole wide world



 lirosa on Ravelry


Head of the Neck

Lirosa Crochet Square


-a hat for freedom and peace


 Artic Circle Race Hat

Crazy Chicken 

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