Lirosa Crochet Square in english

I was asked to translate the pattern of Lirosa Crochet Square to english.

My «crochet english» is necessarily not very perfect so please let me know if anything should be changed to be understandable. And you should all know:

I have honestly done my very best, and I`m sorry if there is something wrong in the translation. Please write an comment if so is.

You can use any yarn you like, and crochet almost everything with using the pattern:

Lirosa Crochet Square

Crochet as follows:

Recommended hook size 4 mm with Petunia Cotton Yarn from Rauma.

Other hook sizes and yarn can also been used.

1. With Colour 1, crochet 4 chain stitches that are assembled into a ring with a chain stitch.

2. 8 Double crochet in the ring. The first Double crochet consists of 3 chain stitces.
Finish with a slip stitch in the chain stitch “double crochet”.

3. Crochet a chain stitch and 1 Half double crochet in each double crochet from previous round. Finish with a Chain stitch, change to colour 2 and crochet a slip stitc in the first chain stitch.

 4. With colour 2 crochet petals as follows: 4 double crochets x 8 with a chain stitch between them,The first duoble crochet consists of four chain stitches.
 Crochet the double crochets in the chain stitches hole between the Half double crochets from the previous round. Change to Colour 3 and finish with a chain stitch as before.

5. With colour 3 crochet 4 double crochets in each chain stitch between the petals and two chain stitches between them. Replace now the colour of your choice and finish each round. with a chain stitch as before. The first double stitch in each round consists always of 3 chain stitches.

6. Crochet now: * 3 duoble crochets and 2 chain stitches in the first chain stitch, then:
3 double crochets, 2 chain stitches, 3 double crochets and 2 chain stitches in the second chain stitch, * Repeat *.. (that-which-is-in between-the-stars) … * a total of 4 times. It now forms 4 corners.

7. Work is now 2 and 2 double stitches with 2 chain stitches between each chain stitch from last round, but in the corners crochet: 2 double stitches, 3 chain stitches, 2 double stitches, 2 chain stitches.

Repeat the process as described in paragraph 7, to the size of your own wish.


The less squares in the picture measures 12 x 12 cm and consists of a total of 8 rounds crochet.

Happy Crochet and very good luck from ems:-)

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